Traditional Karate Championship Tournament – June 2016

Bloopers from when I helped dad shoot a video

So dad asked me to help him direct a video he was shooting.  My job as director was simple.  I just had to ask if he was ready and then give the ‘3, 2, 1, action’ countdown.

The only problem was I got the giggles, and then the toots.


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The Barron Family Lip-Sync Competition – Maddie

We had so much fun watching Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, and Kevin Hart do their lip-sync battle.  So we decided to conduct the first annual Barron Family Lip-Sync competition.  Here are the rules.  You get to decide who wins by commenting on the … [Continue reading]

Mom and Dad Scare Me to Death – In Slow-Motion!

So there I was hanging out with my older brother and his friend when mom asks me to watch a funny video.  The three of us gathered around her phone, and I got ready to have a big laugh.  Turns out it was NOT funny!  And dad was filming the whole … [Continue reading]

Throgmorton Sings Centuries

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Hello mom!

Hi mom!  I love you!   … [Continue reading]